Thursday, April 19, 2012

And the Verdict Is.....

A New Zipper or Open Heart Surgery. I am not a candidate for a Melody Valve. The area that one would be placed dilated well beyond the 28mm maximum for the Melody. So, my option is an Edwards Tissue Valve. Next week I will call to make an appointment with the Cardiac Surgeon.

A zipper certainly would make this easier!

During the Cath, my doctor had planned to place a stent in the area of my original Blalock-Taussig shunt. He had found in the past, that the area usually narrows over time and mine was 55 years ago. He found no narrowing at all! That was the good news! He also found that I also don't really have a functional pulmonary valve at all. No wonder I get short of breath with any kind of activity.

The thought of a major open heart surgery is frightening, just because I have done it before. It is something I never imagined I would need again. After all, back then I thought I was "fixed".

I know I have an incredible new life ahead of me after this surgery. My mission with my new life is the bring awareness to all CHD patients that they need this very specialized care. I will also make sure my former cardiologist learns about my new, fantastic, healthily life with NO thanks to him!

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  1. My Brother in Law, Tom, sent this to me via facebook this morning. Since he made me cry with all the love, I wanted to share. Joanie

    I tried to post on your blog 3 times and fat fingered the "settings" key (below "m" on my phone) every time. Unlike fb, it would not allow me to return and continue so I am going to post it here.

    The miracle that is your life must be an incredible adventure. Overcoming the pain (medical issues in general), the doubt, and the fear, the rest of us can only guess at, would make an incredible story of survival. To see you thrive with the grace, courage, and love you flavor your life with is truly inspirational. I imagine the faith you must derive from living through such miraculous events must be very comforting.
    You are constantly in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts. If a need ever arises, feel free to call me not only as a friend and brother-in-law, but as a brother-in-faith.

    And oh yeah, thanks for putting up with Jim.